Learning Plays – Audio online

The symposium ‘Learning Plays’ took place within the context of the Impulse Theater Festival 2016. They invited self-organized educational initiatives to exchange insights into their own practice and to examine the boundaries of knowledge. Now the lectures and discussions are online.

About the concept: “For Brecht conventional theater could only present “the structure of society (represented on stage) as incapable of being influenced by society (sitting in the audience).” In his ‘Lehrstücke’ he imagined a theater, a politics, and a pedagogy in which the division between active and passive is removed. Speakers take the position of an optimistic, affirmative yes-sayer or a an argumentative, disruptive no-sayer. At the end, when the boundaries between invited speakers and the audience are broken down, everyone has to adopt their own position. Do we say yes to existing institutions and try to adapt them to our goals? Or do we say no and brave exodus?”

With Markus Bader (Urban School / raumlaborberlin), Jamil Dishman (KulTür auf!, JugendtheaterBüro Berlin), Nils Erhard (KulTür auf!, JugendtheaterBüro Berlin), Valeria Graziano (Mind Your Head), Stefano Harney (School for Study), Ahmet Öğüt (The Silent University), Alessandra Pomarico (Home Free University), Rubia Salgado (Universität der Ignorantinnen / maiz), Mårten Spångberg (PAF), Vierte Welt Kollaborationen, Dmitry Vilensky (Chto Delat)

Curated by: Nora Sternfeld & Florian Malzacher

For more information on “Learning Plays” view www.festivalimpulse.de

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