The Art Educator’s Talk – LIVE #1


How would you describe your understanding of art education? In which context are you working as an art educator? Why mediate (contemporary) art? How important is art education and mediation for a museum / an institution? How do you conceive a public program for a biennial?

These are only a few questions we’d like to discuss with María Acaso (Pédagogias Invisibles, Madrid), Konstanze Schütze (agency art education, store contemporary, Berlin & Dresden), Jordi Ferreiro (MACBA Barcelona) and Gila Kolb (The Art Educator’s Talk) and maybe some special guests.

The Art Educator’s Talk is a trilingual blog on art education. With this live-talk, we would like to address art educators who are looking for inspiration and exchange between colleagues, students who are interested in getting more information about the profession of an art lecturer, artists and curators who want to learn more about mediating art, academics and YOU.

María Acaso (ES) is a professor of Art Education and director of the line of research on education in visual arts museums at the Fine Arts Faculty of the Complutense University of Madrid, member of the group „Invisible Pedagogies”, director of the „Escuela de Educación Disruptiva“ and author of a number of books such as: „rEDUvolution: hacer la revolución en la educación (2013), „Pedagogías invisibles: El espacio del aula como discurso (2012).

Jordi Ferreiro (ES) is an artist and educator. His work is an investigation in which both disciplines are conjoined by way of play and performative pedagogies, to construct spaces of knowledge from joy and surprise. Previously coordinating the education office at Fabra i Coats: Barcelona Center for Contemporary Art, currently working as a collaborator artist in MACBA.

Gila Kolb (D) is a researcher and art educator, assistant researcher at the University of Cologne, co-founder of agency art education and co-editor of The Art Educator’s Talk (a three lingual online interview blog). Her focus in research is on: Critical Art Education, Art Education in a post-internet state of mind. Recently published: What’s Next? II. Art Education.

Konstanze Schütze (D), assistant researcher, art educator and PhD candidate at Institute for Art & Art Theory at the University of Cologne, co-founder of the gallery project STORE contemporary (Dresden) and co-founder of agency art education – an agency for project making in the field of art education. Key fields of work: non-visual imagery and the internet state of mind, art education and society.

Videos from the Louisiana Research conference: “Between the Discursive and the Immersive”

What are the potentialities of art museums as research based institutions?

The conference “Between the Discursive and the Immersive” was held at Louisiana Museum of Modern Art in December 2015. Leading curators, scholars and museums directors such as Mark Wigley, Francesco Manacorda, Anselm Franke, Thomas J. Lax, Johanna Burton, Victoria Walsh, Hendrik Folkerts, Molly Nesbit and Maria Finders were invited to reflect and talk about how exhibitions function as mediums for research and how artistic research can contribute to art museums in the 21st century. The conference offered a creative forum for discussing new models for research that take into account the institutional specificities of modern and contemporary art museums.

Now you can watch all the lectures online.